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Cutting Edge Wordpress Web Development

Web 2.0 Development

Basis Interactive Inc. is a full-service Internet Development Studio. We pride ourselves on our ability to easily communicate the core components of technological advances and their relevance to clients' business objectives. At Basis Interactive Inc., William Baafi, the Lead Web Architect, will explain, in discernible, definitive terminology, the application of new technological concepts such as Open Source CMS Middleware, Wordpress 4 and Drupal 7 CMS Plugin Development, Web-Based Marketing Systems, Streaming Media Application Development and Responsive Web Media Queries. Our clients are able to communicate with us in full concerning what future trends and strategies mean for their business, and most importantly how those technological solution implementations can, with adept tact, improve economies of scale and global revenue streams. Basis Interactive Inc. bolsters market progress in the digital age by developing customized technical solutions to clients' real world corporate requirements.
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Iterative Responsive Development

Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development,, utilizing Liquid CSS Media Queries, is one of the most crucial Web Science innovations of current times, primarily reaching implementation capacity in 2010 / 2011 with the release of HTML5 and CSS3. Mobile and tablet devices are rapidly replacing standard desktop PCs as the preferred point of access to the web for the average, non-technical Web user. At Basis Interactive Inc., our responsive websites allow you to future-proof your CMS-Powered web content by making sure it's accessible and user-friendly on every web access hardware platform, from mobile devices and tablets to laptops and desktops. Responsive web design allows for efficiencies that cover Web Interoperability on all Web Access platforms. Moreso, the innovation eliminates the need for ongoing and costly redevelopment of websites, as the Web evolves.
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E-Commerce Web Solutions

In the swiftly evolving digital world, marketplaces are continuing to move online for exposure to increased marketshare. If your customers cannot access your goods through an online portal, you will lose them. Moreover, operating an online marketplace will allow you to reach new customers and increase Return on Investment Potential . At Basis Interactive Inc., we develop visually appealing e-commerce sites to provide a channel for new and potential customers to purchase your products. Simultaneously, we develop intuitive user-friendly CMS systems for eCom store operators to manage products, stock, pricing, and marketing specials. Couple this with our innovative responsive development and you will have a highly capable online store which operates on Mobile Web and the Desktop Web, being accessed via all current market-standard screen sizes.
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Open Source Mobile Development

Mobile Web Development

Nowadays the mobile web provides a convenient means to access content for internet users around the globe. This momentum has created much interest and has helped to forge a process of high standing improvements per Web Standards and W3C Compliance. HTML5 and CSS3 coupled with client side JavaScript Interactivity, Server Side Database Integration, and Streaming Media have provided enhanced user experiences on the inter-networked information super-highway. The average American living in the West checks their mobile phone more than 150 times a day! The critical transition currently underway from set-top desktop access points to universal access devices such as tablets and smartdevices has presented important new challenges to the technology market, yet opened up many more opportunities for development. To ensure efficient service given this strengthened demand for access point adaptivity, Basis Interaactive Web Studio ensures our responsive websites are fully functional on all mobile devices, smartdevices, touchscreen access points.
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Open Source Mobile Development

Ethical Standard Web Marketing

As a standard procedure, our Web Marketing team strategizes with your firm to use custom solutions for your firm's growth and expansion of marketshare, notwithstanding seamless sustained competitive advantage. In order to promote your website - considering its core target market, as well as its products and services via the world wide web, Basis Interactive Inc. in task shall communicate the array of strategies which may prove to suit your business operation. The Basis 2.0 Team is prepared to manage the complexities of Web Marketing with a keen attention to detail and an intuitive strategic approach. Our Web Marketing experts have seasoned experience in the field of Web Marketing with applied knowledge in small and medium sized business development. With the increasing number of websites on the public internet today, we are equipped with the working knowledge to ensure your site stands out from the crowd. In the new millennium, Ethical Internet Marketing is the keystone to an effective and lucrative business venture.
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