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Cutting Edge Wordpress Web Development

Web Development

Basis Interactive is a full-service Internet Development Studio. We pride ourselves on our ability to easily communicate the core components of technological advances and their relevance to clients' business objectives. At Basis Interactive, William Baafi, the Lead Architect, will explain, in tangible, precise language, the meaning of new tech phrases such as Wordpress Multisite, Cloud Computing, Android Apps, and Adaptive/Responsive Design. Clients hear in full what future trends and strategies mean for their business. Basis Interactive drives the digital age by developing customized digital solutions to clients' real world technical requirements.
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Iterative Responsive Development

Responsive Development

Responsive architectural development is among one of the fastest spreading, key, digital trends of the future. Mobile and tablet devices are rapidly replacing standard desktop PCs as the preferred point of access to the web. At Basis Interactive, our responsive websites allow you to future-proof your e-commerce website by making sure it's accessible and user-friendly on every platform, from mobile devices and tablet to laptops and desktops. Responsive web design covers every platform and eliminates the need for ongoing and costly redevelopment of websites.
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E-Commerce Solutions

In our digital world marketplaces are moving online. If your customers cannot access your goods through an online portal, you will lose them. At Basis Interactive, we develop visually appealing e-commerce sites to entice potential customers to purchase your products. Simultaneously, we develop simple, user-friendly systems for store owners to manage products, stock and pricing. Couple this with our innovative responsive development and you will have a cast-iron, future-proof, multi-platform online store.
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Open Source Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Nowadays there is a lot of noise about mobile development. The average American checks their mobile phone more than 150 times a day! The transition from traditional desktops to portable and versatile devices such as tablets and smartphones has presented new challenges to the market, but opened up many more opportunities. To cater with this demand we ensure all our responsive websites are fully functional on mobile and touchscreen devices, and where required we can bespoke build mobile applications.
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