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Basis Interactive Inc. provides an array of Graphic Design services, including Corporate Branding, Print and Letterhead Design, Web UI Mockups, Web Optimized Graphics, 3D InfoGraphics, 2D InfoGraphics, Logo Design and 3D Visual Graphic Effects for video. Our Graphic Design team has vast experience in developing high quality Graphic Design work, utilizing the latest editions of Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop and Vector Based Artwork in Illustrator. Check out our Graphic Design portfolio to review the quality of results our team can produce.
Design Guide
Our Design Guide outlines some of the key elements and content requirements to produce quality websites

  • Custom Vector Iconography, Web Optimized Graphics, and Logo Design
  • Logo Modernization and Branding Enhancement
  • Intuitive User Interface Design
  • Responsive Navigation and Eased Content Access
  • Dynamic Web 2.0 Effects and Standards Compliant User Interaction
  • Provision of Design/Redesign User Interface References
Logo Design
Graphic Design Enhancements | Custom Logo Design
Basis Interactive Inc. is equipped with the latest Media Creation Applications to develop premium quality graphics, logos, banners, and advertisements for your firm at discounted prices. Whether your firm requires a Custom Logo, Logo Remake, InfoGraphics, or Graphics for Marketing, our graphic designers have the capacity to produce high quality results which will exceed your expectations. Discuss with our professionals how to establish or enhance your brand and increase your marketing exposure through interactive graphics which will differentiate your business from your top competitors. Our firm specializes in creating graphical masterpieces to enhance your company's corporate identity. Your business can count on our team to complete your graphic design work according to your exact needs and exacting specifications.
Business Card/Letterhead Design
Commerce Essentials | Business Card/Letterhead Design
Basis Interactive Inc. can assist your firm in professionally showcasing your business documents in style. Whether you're a small startup company, an established business or a hybrid, a sharp, well-crafted letterhead or business card can subsntantially enhance your company's image and lead to more customers. We strive to ensure your good reputation is upheld through effective means. Our staff has years of experience in designing quality graphic solutions for businesses, enhancing their ability to succeed. Please contact our firm to inquire into the appropriate solution to your business' graphic design requirements.
3D Logos
3D Logo Design
3D Logos are the wave of the future, allowing revolutionary designs to increase return on internet invesment. Firms which utilize this technology generally have a greater chance of establishing a reputation for quality business operations. Our staff uses the latest 3D Design software to produce exceptional works which will assist in the internet marketing efforts of your business. The richness of 3D graphics allows for intensely moving graphic design productions. Our skilled 3D artists work to provide the best quality 3D logos and graphic designs on the market today. We have an exceptional record of work in 3D design using the latest 3D development software. Your firm can rely on our team to complete your work with the highest standards on the market.
Graphic/Print Design
Print Design
Displaying premium graphics on websites forms a critical factor of developing a good-standing reputation on the web. Our Graphic Design workers have years of experience working in an array of professional and technical industries, including the Medical Industry. With this foundation in part, their Graphic Work has provided a proven edge for well-structured clients. Print Design utilized in professional printing operations can assist in ensuring the eminence of your firm's image. Moreover, graphically appealing content can drive customers to your firm's products and services, which in turn expedite your firm's ability to ensure increased returns on internet marketing and technology expenditure. Our team is versed in all aspects of print and graphic design with an excellent work record and success ratio.
Corporate Branding
Intuitive Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding is a crucial aspect of developing a strong reputation in the increasingly competitive field of global online business. Our team has advanced knowledge in producing lasting solutions to specialized Corporate Branding requirements. Dynamic corporate image translates into success for your firm. The vitality of this important business axiom is understood by every successful business. We can help manage your company's image by utilizing adapative graphic design techniques. We have intensive experience in developing graphics to match your firm's corporate objectives. You can trust that our graphic design team has your firm's established brand in mind throughout the graphic design and user interface development process.
3D Interactive Graphic Design
SEM | Search Engine Marketing | SEM Expertise
As the world wide web evolves, the use of Interactive 3D Graphics and 3D InfoGraphics is becoming more commonplace. This can be seen in top marketing campaigns of the larger clients in technology. 3D Graphics either integrated into existing web content or utilized in Javscript UI Interaction, Java Web Applications, or Flash projects can provide a statistical marketing advantage. Stand out as a leader in your business field. Our experts work with advanced 3D Graphic Design Production software to complete projects in 3D with superior results. Using the latest enhanced techniques, rest assured our Graphic Design team can produce the highest quality 3D graphic designs available on the market.
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