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Overview of Basis Interactive Inc. Web Design Services
The Basis Interactive Inc. Web Studio® provides cutting edge Web 2.0 Development services, using the most versatile CMS Platforms. Our mission at the Basis 2.0 Web Development Operation, Management Information Systems Studio, is to enhance your corporation’s operations online. We utilize the latest open source technologies and design techniques in the development process. The web can provide the gateway for corporations to develop an effectual marketing presence for the purposes of commerce and added value services. In this evolving digital age, utilizing the capacities of the Web is essential to success. Please contact us to discuss enhancing your business' online presence. We will gladly provide assistance and free advice to ensure success for your company's strategic technology operations.
Web 2.0 UI Design and Redesign
Web 2.0 User Interface Design
Displaying a sincerely moving user experience on the Internet Super Highway is an essential element to success for online businesses in the digital age. As our primary objective, Basis 2.0® produces high quality Responsive Web 2.0 Sites nd CMS-Powered Websites for competitive prices. We strive to produce premium Websites, with advanced functional capacities and enhanced User Interfaces (UI). Our Lead Developer, William Baafi and Development team specialize in developing momentum producing web experiences. Please contact us to discuss your UI Design and Web 2.0 Redesign specifications to ensure we can assist your firm in reaching its full potential on the internet.
Web 2.0 Application Development
Web 2.0 Application Development
Our firm employs dedicated Web Development staff who specialize in developing custom, mobile-ready, Web Applications. We focus on developing awe inspiring customized applications, utilizing adept logical libraries, API's and coding frameworks. We have the practicum of experience to ensure your firm can expeditiously deploy revolutionary Mobile Ready Web Applications, either on a Web-Deployed basis or using Native Apps. Check our portfolio online for examples of Web Applications our expert team has developed over the past 5 years. Very often, clients contact us with their Web Application Development requirements for our Web analysts to review for feasibility studies.
Joomla and Drupal/Versatile Open Source CMS Platforms
Support for Open Source CMS Platforms | Joomla and Drupal
Basis Interactive Inc. Programmers specialize in developing custom Joomla and Drupal websites, as well as other CMS powered, data-driven dynamic websites. We can modify the existing Content Management System to fit the stylistic and systematic requirements of your firm. Content Management Systems offer optimal control of web content, through eased logical operation of the content management. Furthermore we can modify and customize the CMS software according to custom web development needs, implementing custom modules and logic. Manage your site more expeditiously with a Custom Joomla or Drupal Build developed by Basis Interactive Inc.
E-Commerce/Payment Integration
eCom Development | eCom Support | Payment Integration
Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is the wave of the future. Billions of dollars in transactions take place utilizing E-Commerce Platforms. Businesses with exposure to web-connected global markets can increase their revenues and marketshare. Payment integration using the Paypal API or the Amazon Payments API definitively allows for eased checkout processes. Basis Interactive Inc. has developed a solid reputation for developing cutting edge E-Commerce solutions. Contact us now to obtain pricing on a custom solution for selling your products and services on the World Wide Web.
Hosting/SSL Certificate
Hosting Services
Host your site on Basis Interactive Inc. servers. We offer the discounted prices for Hosting and SSL Certificates. Contact us now to obtain Shared Web Hosting on cloud servers for $39.99 PER YEAR. We offer both shared and dedicated hosts with a variety of disk capacities and bandwidth allotments. Our associated staff offers 24/7 hosting support to ensure your site will remain online without interruptions. Hosting and PSR is known to be a quite complex field of Information Technology and MIS. Don't hesitate to inquire about the various types of hosting available and how they will fit your firm's requirements for its Web Operations.
Responsive Web Design
Organic SEO | SEM Expertise
Highly Responsive Websites offer users an enhanced experience, whilst businesses sustain and retain customers. This is becoming more common, especially with the expanding usage of mobile devices to access the Web. Basis Interactive Inc. designs Responsive websites utilizing the latest technologies, including intensively liquid Media Queries, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/jQuery. Responsive Web sites add flavor and intuitivity to your message on the web, as a crucial part of your internet marketing strategy. In the future as the web evolves into a Mobile Interaction Space, Media Queries and the Adaptive Web will become a more important aspect of web development. Ask our team about our visions for your site on the web utilizing the latest Responsive Development Techniques. Our staff are equipped to develop your business' mobile web presence and to ensure its ability to succeed in the world economy of Web Mobility.
Database Integration
Database Integration | Integrated Database System Development
Dynamic Web Development utilizing MySQL database technology allows Data-Driven Websites to operate highly efficiently. Our developers have advanced expertise in producing revolutionary applications which interact safely and expediently with backend databases, particularly in recent usage on the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) Stack. Advanced applications increasingly rely on inter-tier backend communication with front end user interaction in terms of data entered in form fields, data tracking, data visualizations and analytics. We produce custom database applications suited to fit your firm’s needs by using the latest database technology and logical frameworks.
Wordpress CMS Development/WP MultiSite
WordPress Development | WordPress 3.9 | WordPress Support
Currently, blogging is an essential and increasingly ubiquitous aspect of Web 2.0. The usage of WordPress on Media Sites has allowed for the WordPress software Development Community to grow expansively - fostering the robust nature of CMS Platform Development. Basis Interactive Inc. can develop customized interactive web blog solutions for your site development requirements. Share your visions, thoughts, agonies, as well as positive moments on the web through blogging. Increasingly, WordPress CMS Blogs are utilized for Data-Centric sites, based upon WordPress CMS Platform’s ease of use, plugin library, Open Source Support, and intuitive nature. Contact us now with any questions or concerns you may have on modern usage of WordPress and its ability to impact the world.
Flash Design and Development
Rich Flash Media Development
Flash is currently installed on over 90% of web connected computers. It is increasingly used on websites for Rich Media Applications, Streaming Media, and advanced applications interfacing. Our firm specializes in developing stunning custom Flash productions utilizing PHP, 3D, Rich Media, XML, AJAX, and the most advanced Flash capabilities on the market.
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